Info-Haselünne   Die Hansestadt im Herzen des Emsland 

Marktplatz in Haselünne

Interesting links referring to Haselünne and the historical “Hanse”

First, there is the offical homepage of the town Haselünne

Next, there ist the virtual health-center of Haselünne, called “Hasemed”, giving you informations concerning health and wellness ( adresses included ) :

Haselünne seems to be a bit too small to your liking ? Your prefer towns just a litte bit bigger ? Then you should try the “free and Hanse- town” Hambung !

And in case you are looking for adverntures in the wild old times of the Hanse, how about the famous pirates Störtebecker und Goedeke Michels, who seized more than one traiding-ship of the Hanse, causing the merchants to make some desperate efforts to erase this pest :

Wappen von Haselünne
Bild des Störtebecker

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Hier geht es zum Haselünner Extrablatt.
Korn-und Hansemarkt

Das Extrablatt gibt es vorerst leider nur auf Hochdeutsch.