Info-Haselünne   Die Hansestadt im Herzen des Emsland 

Marktplatz in Haselünne

There you find Haselünne :


You can´t help but stumbling over it !


The center of the world

Die Erde

The pearl of the Emsland

The most interesting idyl of Germany


With help of our map it will be easy to visit us by car.

Alternatively you can try the following means of transportation :

1. bicycle : Flat lands and cycle-lanes anlong nearly every road will allow you to approach by bicycle throughout the whole year.

2. ship : One of the big vessels will take you to Emden. A barge will bring you up the river Ems to Meppen. There you get a canoe, paddle up the river Hase till you reach the canoe-pier just in front of the Haselünne  church-tower.

3. train : Use the scheduled trains from the directions of Münster, Osnabrück, Hengelo or Rheine, (most of them use to be delayed) , then catch the train to Meppen. Roughly ten times a year the museum train will take you  from Meppen to Haselünne. Besides, you can allways get a taxi, if you don´t want to make a nice litte 15 km walk to Haselünne.

4. aeroplane : Take the jumbo-jet to Münster/Greven, Bremen or Amsterdam. There you change into a mini-plane (piper, fokker etc) and keep ready for a parachute jump. Get down when you are crossing the towns marketplace.  Two church-towers and three chimneys of the destillerys serve as landing-places.

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Hier geht es zum Haselünner Extrablatt.
Korn-und Hansemarkt

Das Extrablatt gibt es vorerst leider nur auf Hochdeutsch.