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Marktplatz in Haselünne

Pictures of Haselünne

Katholische Kirche St. Vinzentius
Katholische Kirche St. Vinzentius

The big old catholic church St. Vinzentius, more than 500 years old, center of the Haselünne parish.


Westerholtscher Burgmannshof in the Ritterstraße (street of the knights), an old stronghold, today used by the destillery Berentzen.

The smaller church St. Ursula, in former times belonging to the convent St.Ursula, nowadays part of the secondary school St. Ursula.

Ist is used for concerts and exhibitions.

Westerholtscher Burgmannshof

Inside you will find the destillery ( which can be toured by groops ), the destillery museum and the “Rittersaal” (chamber of the knights ), where you can test the freshly brewed stong liquors

Burghotel Ecke Steintorstraße/Ritterstraße

Pious statues are hidden among the houses. They remind you to nurture the soul as well as the body.

The Burg-Hotel offers first-class service for tired travellors.

Statue hinter der Kreissparkasse
Ehemalige Klostermauer am Nonnenwall

Between the old walls the town looks quiet and peaceful


It is sunday siesta time - don´t assume it will allways be so deserted.

Altes Bürgerhaus

The small streets let you find some real jewels of houses.

Below you see the central shopping lane ( still on sunday with all shops closed )

Haus Russell / heute Burghotel

The “Steintorstraße “ , named after the stone gate in the medieval town walls. Neither the gate nor the old walls exist any more.

Restaurant Wiedehage

Here you can find delicious meals , served in the well-known restaurant “ Wiedehage”.

Windräder bei Flechum

And in case you have some more time to spend, you can lend a bycicle and explore the countryside. You will find cycling easy, most roads are accompagnied by cycle trecks, and the few hills are really small.

Orientation is easy, cycling routes are color-marked, the next church-tower nearly always in sight. When there is no church in sight, modern windmills serve as landmarks.

Be wellcome to Haselünne ! We look forward seeing you soon.

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